Cascadia Daily, Jan. 12, 2018

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Salvadoran families in Western WA face deportation

After the Trump administration announced it is ending Temporary Protected Status for thousands of immigrants from Haiti and El Salvador, families residing in Western Washington fear an uncertain future, according to a feature by Lilly Fowler at Crosscut. More than 2,900 people in Washington face eviction after a decade or more in the US. Meanwhile, a Seattle Times report found the WA department of licensing has been regularly sending data on immigrants without legal status to ICE officials. And in an op-ed for Time, WA attorney general Bob Fergusion, who’s been fighting Trump immigration orders, (and is an accomplished chess player) believes Trump’s aggressive moves are going to end in defeat.

Will Vancouver turn left after mayor Robertson leaves?

After yesterday’s announcement that Vancouver mayor Gregor Roberston will not seek re-election, Derrick O’Keefe and Tristan Markle wonder if the city’s progressive left will come together to defeat Robertson’s centrist Vision Vancouver Party and the right-leaning NPA. “Robertson’s departure is a reminder that, especially in a city like ours dealing with an out-of-control affordability crisis, the political centre cannot hold.”

Confiscated guns sold by WA law enforcement used in crimes

Associated Press reporter Martha Bellisle discovers that Washington law enforcement agencies sell more than 6,000 confiscated guns back to the public — some of which are used again in crimes or suicide. In related news, legislators in Washington introduced a bill to ban “bump stocks” that convert assault rifles to automatic fire.

Canadian agency downplayed risk of disease in farmed BC salmon

An investigative report at The Tyee finds that Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans often under-reported or downplayed findings by scientists regarding the presence of viruses and other diseases in pen-farmed salmon. The second part of the report finds that DFO ignored precautions and allowed infected smolts infected with deadly virus to be added to pens.

Exhibit showcases Al Smith’s photos of historic black Seattle

Seattle’s Museum of History & Industry is showing a remarkable collection of photographs by Al Smith, who chronicled 20th century black culture in Seattle’s Central District, from the jazz clubs of Jackson Street to the social scene in barbershops. “I think his (Al Smith’s) eye was perfect for music because it had rhythm and he presents a composition that makes you hear the music.”  The event runs through June 17, 2018.

Donna Miscolta’s story “The End of Roller Skating”

Seattle’s Donna Miscolta (Hola and Goodbye) has a bittersweet story, “The End of Roller Skating,” in the literary journal Moss, which you can read online. It’s the story of a young man dying of AIDs in the 1990s who receives visitors who remind him of the excitement and anxiety of his youth.

That’s all for today from the dark, Blade Runner dystopia of Seattle. Have a great weekend!  — Andrew Engelson Photo credit:Jitterbug Couple, 1944 copyright Al Smith, courtesy of MOHAI