Seattle Skyline at night, image courtesy of I, Cacophony, Wikimedia Commons.

About Us

Covering the people, places, and culture of the Pacific Northwest.

One of the most striking things about the Pacific Northwest is how diverse the landscapes are here. Whether it’s the quiet coastal towns of Oregon or wheat farms in the interior of British Columbia, from soggy Cascade rain forests to the humming tech metropolis of Seattle, the Pacific Northwest is a land of contrasts.

It’s also a place of striking cultural diversity. Beginning with First Nations and Indian tribes who’ve lived here for millenia, immigrants have poured into the Cascadia region from all corners of the world. You’ll find a technicolor assortment of cultures, ethnicities, religions, opinions, and beliefs. We don’t have a long history here, but in several hundred years, people have filled the Pacific Northwest with their stories.

Cascadia Magazine in a nonprofit publication dedicated to telling those stories.  We’re passionate about crossing borders between nations, cultures, ethnicities, and gender — as well as bridging the rural/urban divide. We seek out quality journalism, personal essays, arts coverage, environmental reporting, fiction, poetry, and photography you won’t find anywhere else. We can’t document all the stories of the 16 million people who live in the region that encompasses Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia —  but we’ll try to showcase a diverse mix of stories from the people who call Cascadia home.

We’re also dedicated to providing a refuge from the 24-hour news cycle where the latest social media outrage is instantly posted and amplified. Cascadia Magazine is designed to be a space where thoughtful writing and commentary can take the time required to blossom. We try to publish writing that’s meaningful, pieces that feel essential to life in the Pacific Northwest.

We value the writers, artists, photographers, and staff who make this publication possible. As a result, we rely on your generous support to keep this magazine running and pay those who create it a fair wage. Please visit our donate page to find out how you can help support Cascadia Magazine.

As a non-profit, our primary goal is to tell the story of the people, places and culture of the Pacific Northwest. We’re currently establishing a 501(c)3 non-profit to pursue that mission. If you’d like to volunteer to be involved with Cascadia Magazine or serve on our board, please contact us. The current landscape for journalism and writing are rapidly shifting, but we’re optimistic that there’s an urgent demand for quality writing about issues that matter. We rely on the generous support of our members and supporters to make this happen. If you’re a business owner interested in supporting Cascadia Magazine through our corporate sponsorship program, don’t hesitate to contact us.

About Andrew Engelson

Andrew is a freelance writer and editor based in Seattle and the founding editor of Cascadia Magazine. For six years he was editor of Washington Trails magazine, and prior to that he worked as an arts reporter for Seattle Weekly. As a freelance journalist and writer, he’s written hundreds of articles for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the Seattle Times, Tin House, Publishers Weekly, Washington Law & Politics, Super Lawyers, Backpacker, Yes! Magazine, American Bookseller, Northwest Runner, and many other publications. He’s the author of a historical novel set in Pacific Northwest, and for seven years he lived overseas in Geneva, Switzerland, and Hanoi, Vietnam—where he helped start the Hanoi Writer’s Collective and Noi! Hanoi, a spoken word series featuring foreign and Vietnamese writers.

Andrew was born in Bremerton, Washington and has lived most of his life in Cascadia. When he’s not editing magazines or writing, he can be found hanging out with his family, cooking vegan Vietnamese food, or hiking the Cascades and Olympics.