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Cascadia Magazine is a non-profit publication dedicated to telling the diverse stories found in the Pacific Northwest. Through quality journalism, arts reporting, personal essays, fiction, poetry, and photography, we’re committed to capturing the unique ways of life in the Cascadia bio-region that reaches from Medford to Nanaimo, from Portland to Spokane.

Now more than ever, high-quality journalism is essential. In a rapidly changing media landscape, it’s necessary to adapt quickly and to keep an ear to the ground for topics important to the people who live here. It’s a challenging time in the publishing world, but we’re optimistic that there’s a core group of readers who are hungry for meaningful stories. Cascadia is home to a curious, literate population — a place that’s incubated technical innovation, founded some of the world’s most successful companies, and is home to superlative universities and research institutions. Plus, we have some of the best bookstores found anywhere!

All of this means that Cascadia Magazine appeals to an educated readership that’s passionate about the place we live in. Our readers are interested in the outdoors, books, movies and culture. Our readers care about the environment and creating a sustainable economy.

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